Custom Turkey Calls for the Wild Turkey hunter.

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I have hunted and studied Wild Turkeys for 40 years and spent 15 years making custom Turkey Calls.

I make Box Calls, Pot Calls, Tube Calls, Scratch Boxes and Mini-Tree Yelpers.

One of my featured Calls is my FRYING PAN COPPER Pot.  Ease of use and 'Fantastic' raspy sound

make it a favorite of Turkey Hunters regardless of skill level or hunting experience.

Other featured Calls are my INLAYED AND CHECKERED Box Calls.  With proper wood selection

you can get a clear tone call or one with a deep raspy yelp.

If you have problems ordering on website; email or phone.    530-253-3268


New!  Mini-Tree Call

Check these out at bottom of Pot Call page.



Two Box Call,  Pot Call packages.

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#1  Package  $165                                        #2   Package  $155

#04 Zebra/Limba box call                      #15 Purple/Mahogany box

#319 fp zebra copper pot call                      #305 fp claro copper pot call

#1 Zebra/Blood striker                  #4 Blood/Maple striker

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Combination Package

Combination Package below is $130 and includes:

Your choice of a $75 Box Call, plus a $52 Pot Call & I will select 2 strikers.

Go to the box call page and pot call page to select the calls you want.

        Then type the numbers of the two calls selected in the Add Note box.


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