Custom Turkey Calls for the Wild Turkey hunter.

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I have hunted and studied Wild Turkeys for 40 years and spent 14 years making custom Turkey Calls.

I make Box Calls, Pot Calls, Tube Calls, Scratch Boxes and Tree Yelpers.

One of my featured Calls is my FRYING PAN COPPER Pot.  Ease of use and 'Fantastic' raspy sound

make it a favorite of Turkey Hunters regardless of skill level or hunting experience.

Other featured Calls are my INLAYED AND CHECKERED Box Calls.  With proper wood selection

you can get a clear tone call or one with a deep raspy yelp.

If you have problems ordering on website; email or phone.    530-253-3268



Check out Mini Tree Calls at bottom of Pot Call page.


Christmas Packages 2020

Special: 3 Call Maple/Bloodwood Package $155


Package includes: Map/Bld fp copper pot call & 2 strikers

Map/Bld Tube Call with lanyard & 3 latex reeds

Map/Bld Tree Call with aluminum surface plus striker.

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#1  Package                                                          #2   Package

#04 Zebra/Limba box call                      #15 Purple/Mahogany box

#319 fp zebra copper pot call                      #305 fp claro copper pot call

#1 Zebra/Blood striker  $160                 #4 Blood/Maple striker  $155

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#04 Zebra/Limba/Blood $95                  D - Bloodwood/Cherry  $55

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Combination Package

Combination Package below is $130 and includes:

Your choice of a $75 Box Call, plus a $52 Pot Call & I will select 2 strikers.

Go to the box call page and pot call page to select the calls you want.

        Then type the numbers of the two calls selected in the Add Note box.


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